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Greenfingers Project (ongoing)

A school program established in 2009 run through the WEI in the Witzenberg Municipality.

Date: 2009 - Ongoing

Client: Witzenberg Environmental Initiative

Services: Green Fingers Project

CLIENT: Witzenberg Environmental Initiative (was Witzenberg Eco-Centre)

LOCATION: Witzenberg

START: 2009 - Ongoing

Johann (Intaba founder) launched The Greenfingers Project in 2009 to provide environmental education targeted at Grade 5-7 learners in the Witzenberg Municipal area. The project is managed by the Witzenberg Environmental Initiative, which is a partnership between the Witzenberg Municipality, Cape Nature, Intaba and private members. It is not a formal NPO, but has quarterly meetings with it's directing (board) members. The current members are: J.C. Van de Merwe (private), Michelle Klaasen (Witzenberg Municipality), Michael Lewis (Cape Nature), Georgina van Biljon (Intaba).

Intaba provides the horticultural expertise, the items (plants, potting soil), help with logistics and other support.

There are 4 stages to the Greenfingers Project and visits to the schools occur once a term. The stages are as follows:

Stage 1: Freshwater ecosystem health. A mini-SASS river health survey is undertaken by the learners.

Stage 2: Plant propagation. Making of indigenous plant cuttings and learning about indigenous and exotic plants.

Stage 3: Reduce, reuse, recycle. The learners make pot plant holders from 2L cooldrink bottles and replant their rooted cutting that they made.

Stage 4: Planting of the plants that were cared for by the learners at the riverside to rehabilitate the rivers. The learners learn about global warming and how to combat it through planting of plants.

There is also an art competition linked to an environmental theme and a 'Big Brag' event where the artworks go on display.

This project needs funds to continue. If you would like to support this project, email:

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