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About Intaba

The Intaba story

Established in 2012 initially as a private company, Intaba also acts as a public benefit organisation in it’s mission and vision. The founder, Johann van Biljon is a dynamic leader in the Conservation Sector and has won awards for Stewardship by CAPE, Wetlands Forum, Nedbank Green Award and Fynbos Forum. Intaba grew from 3 employees in the initial years, to presently just over 20 people. Our team comprises of a rehabilitation team, nursery team and managerial and admin team. Our teams are highly specialised and focused on delivering a unique niche product and service.

Environmental Rehabilitation

Development of custom practical rehabilitation plans for degraded lands and ecosystems. Growing and planting of genetically appropriate indigenous plants. Monitoring, management and maintenance of rehabilitation sites.

Indigenous Landscaping & Plant Propagation

We do custom/ bespoke locally indigenous gardens that seek to recreate some level of ecosystem function with the aim to restore nature. We propagate our own plants that one would not normally find in wholesale nurseries, giving a unique end product.

Community Upliftment & Training

From school children to adults, we undertake environmental awareness workshops and courses.
We specialise in: mini- SASS activities, nature connection, nature curriculum development, development of school botanical gardens.

What we do

We specialize in the creation of sustainable, indigenous gardens and landscapes across the Cape with the heart to conserve the fynbos for future generations.  Intaba exists to make conservation practical to all people.

We love to partner with our clients to create beautiful, indigenous gardens which mimic nature and to restore degraded land to functioning ecosystems.

We help our clients comply with Environmental Legislation and EIAs and we further invest in the future by offering environmental education and training across the spectrum.

Meet The Team


Johann van Biljon
Director & Founder

Johann has always loved plants. He single-handedly grew a crop of mielies at 4 years old. As a teen he chose the mountains over malls, developing a rich knowledge of our local flora and growing a substantial library on the subject.


Johann has worked in the environmental sector since leaving school, he’s an Honorary Cape Nature Ranger and a Member of CREW (SANBI) and has supplemented his learning with a course in Landscape Design.


Georgina van Biljon
Financial administration, Environmental Education Coordinator

Georgina began working in the conservation sector in 2011. Before joining the Intaba team, she managed the Simonsberg Conservancy.


Georgina has an MSc in Conservation Ecology and a degree in Education from the University of Stellenbosch and has also completed a course in environmental education through WESSA.


Yvette Bester
Administration and Human resources. 

Yvette joined Intaba in April 2021 and helps to keep Intaba's

gears moving.


Nursery and Rehab Team

Our on-the-ground core team consists of experienced and trained nursery workers, chainsaw operators, herbicide applicators, irrigation, maintenance and drivers with code 10 & PPE licenses.


They have certificates in the safe handling of chemicals, first aid, health and safety, leadership and management.


Team Witzenberg

The Green Fingers Project was designed to help learners and educators to undertake those activities.  The steering committee is comprised of Johann & Georgina van Biljon (Intaba),


Marx Nagan from, Michelle Klaasens from , and JC van de Merwe and Tammy Niewoudt from

Our Partners

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