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Small private garden in Paarl

A well designed, functional small garden with many eco-tones and high plant diversity.

Date: 2022

Client: Private landowner, Paarl

Services: Indigenous Landscaped Garden

CLIENT: Private Landowner


START: 2022

The landowner wanted to create a more natural looking indigenous garden that wa mostly dominated by grass.

Intaba did soil shaping to create small level grass areas and raised beds with indigenous shrubs and trees, with the plant selection adapted to the buildings elcoves of full sun, semi shade etc. There was a variety of indigenous grasses introduced into the beds to create some softness and a variety of flowering plants to bring some colour throughout the year.

Intaba provided some training on garden mainteance, as the indigenous plants require specific care. The landowner enjoys her garden's seasonal variations and unique plants that one would not usually find in urban gardens.

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