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Private Garden With Patrick Watson, Tulbagh

The Landowners are bird enthusiasts and keen conservationists. An extensive veld garden and forest was created.

Date: 2012 - Ongoing

Client: Private landowner, Tulbagh

Services: Indigenous Landscaped Garden

CLIENT: Private Landowner


START: 2012 – Ongoing

This extensive garden was designed by world renown master Landscape Architect Patric Watson. Intaba assisted in cultivating and planting of the plants. It is an exclusive indigenous garden. There is an extensive lawn boarded by a 'veld' garden of mixed local indigenous plants that require minimal watering, an indigenous forest, cycad garden, bowling lane, vegetable garden. The garden has many rare and endagered plants that were re-established in the extended gardens. The plant selection was based on the vegetation that naturally occurs in the Tulbagh Valley.

Today the garden boasts a beautiful diversity of plant and birdlife and is very water wise. There are over 200 different plant species in the garden, ranging from shrubs, grasses, bulbs, succulents and many other fynbos and renosterveld plants. A 750m streach of riverside was rehabilitated alongside the garden. There is a path that connects the garden to the rehabilitation site and meanders under the shade of the riparian forest. Name boards of the indigenous trees were installed on the pathway. The landowner often wanders in the forest that has been created and enjoys the bird and wildlife that has returned.

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