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Waverley Hills Organic Wine Farm Eco Pool, Wolseley

This was one of Johann’s (Intaba Founder) first landscape designs with flowing lines and sheltered elcoves.

Date: 2007 - 2021

Client: Waverley Hills Organic Wine Farm

Services: Indigenous Landscaped Garden

CLIENT: Waverley Hills Organic Wine Farm

LOCATION: Wolseley

START: 2007 – 2021

This was one of Johann’s (Intaba Founder) first landscape designs. Having planted the garden, Johann trained the staff on how to conduct basic maintenance. While Johann was living on the farm, he established a small indigenous nursery, which later closed to the public in 2013 when we estabished Intaba and left the farm. He continued to consult on the maintenance of the garden until more recently, when passing to new management.

The beauty of this garden added to the ambiance of the wine tasting room and restaurant, which was also a wedding venue. The garden was designed to create windless pockets with picnic tables in sheltered alcolves in the garden. Together with wooden bridges over a stream and forest patches linked to the storm water outlets. Educational sign boards were installed in the garden to create awareness of the special plants and ecology in the garden.

A eco-pond was created with a natural plant filtration system and indigenous fish species were at a time flourising in the pond. The pond was located at the entrace to the wine tasting facility.

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